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Empowering practices to establish
independence and growth

At the end of the day, your dental practice is a business. And every business needs marketing to raise awareness, generate leads, improve retention, and ultimately impact the bottom line. This dental marketing training platform will give you the tools you need to bring your marketing in-house. 


We believe it’s time for a change in the dental industry. Marketing skills can be developed by anyone, in any industry. But we built this platform specifically for dentists.


We believe education is the ticket to the future. Dental practice success belongs to those who invest in their long-term growth. We are simply here to provide a platform to make that happen.


We believe it’s more important to teach dental marketing, than it is to provide dental marketing services. We give dental teams all the resources they need to become independent and successful.


We believe in giving full control of dental marketing to the dental practices themselves. You decide the campaigns, you determine the budget, and you reap the rewards. 


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Our Story

We were tired of marketing agencies 

Marketing agencies are notoriously deceptive. Using confusing jargon and complicated schemes to make you believe you’re getting your money’s worth. They care more about the transaction, than the relationships.

We went to work to create a training platform to protect dental practices from this problem. Now dentists can use our training courses for two purposes:

  1. To determine if a marketing agency is full of crap
  2. To bring your dental marketing in-house

However you decide to use our platform, we hope you experience freedom from the outdated marketing system. 


Meet your instructors


Co-Founder & CEO

Over 10 years of marketing experience. Leader of multiple startups. And serious fan of the NBA. Somehow it all led me to partnering with Seth to create a comprehensive training solution for dentists. 

Seth Craven

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Dentistry was the family business. Unfortunately… my stomach was a little too weak to handle the medical field. So I did the next best thing. Focused my education and career around dental marketing. 


CRO, SynergizeDental

I started as an office manager, with only a phone and computer to run a dental practice. I began a professional journey of learning from the top mentors in the industry to find proven ways to establish profitability. 


CEO, SynergizeDental

I’ve been practicing dentistry since 1996. 10 years later I created a network of independent dentists to lower our costs. But apparently  I wasn’t busy enough… so I got a PhD in Organizational Psychology.

Alesha Youngberg

Senior Project Manager, BriteGrin

I’ve managed a lot of dental marketing campaigns over the years in my career. Knowing the ins-and-outs of setting up projects has kept me organized and on top of dozens of clients at a time. 


CXO, SynergizeDental

Everything in life is a relationship. The moment I realized this, I discovered my passion for developing positive experiences. Business, culture, and life are always evolving, but relationships will always remain. 


Connect with your patients!

Learn all the tools you’ll need to build high-functioning marketing campaigns that produce predictable results. 


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What are you waiting for?

You might be wondering… what happens if I train my staff how to do dental marketing and they leave? Well, what happens if you DON’T and they stay?

Develop the skills you need to make your dental practice more independent.