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No catch. No hidden fees. Just free dental practice website design. Our mission is to empower dentists to develop authentic connections with their patients right from the start.

To get started, schedule your 30-minute kick-off call. On the call, we’ll provide you with:

  • More details about our free website design services
  • Show you examples of other dental practice websites we’ve recently completed
  • Walk you through our design process
  • Show you how an updated website can help you consistently convert more new patients online
  • Provide you with the next steps in the process

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What is user experience (UX)?

Your website is often the first interaction a prospective new patient will have with your dental practice.

The experience they have on your website can often be the difference between either converting them to new patients or deterring them to one of your competitors.

The Dental Engine Website Examples

You can see some dental practice website examples we’ve completed recently.


What makes a great dental website?

At the Dental Engine, we pride ourselves on building both FUNCTIONAL and WELL DESIGNED websites for dental practices. These two components contribute to a successful dental website.

Patient-focused Functionality

Making sure your website focuses on your patients ensures visitors can take the specific actions you want them to take (gather information, request an appointment, access patient forms, etc.). The easier it is for a patient to navigate your site, the more likely they will be to schedule an appointment. 

Modern Design Principles

The way things look on your website have a direct impact on our emotions. Modern design ensures your website meets visual expectations of your website visitors. Typically good design promotes trust and confidence to your website visitors and makes them more likely to take actions on your website.


Why the Dental Engine?


Create Awareness

Take your practice from unknown to noticed. Become recognized by prospective new patients actively searching for a new dental practice in your local area.

Build Distinction

Enhance your practice in the minds of prospective new patients. Take your practice from just average to the #1 choice your local area.

Increase Conversions

Take your growth efforts from aimless to purposeful. Increase appointment requests and retention rates of new patients.

Autopilot Success

Start your Dental Engine! Then sit back and watch as your practice builds an influential online presence.

I chose The Dental Engine to revamp my website because I needed to have an engaging, visually striking way to entice new patients into my practice. The Dental Engine was fast, communicative, and expert at making a website suited to my needs, and I’ve seen a large influx of new patients with my new site.

– Dr. Scott C., DDS


What you should expect

Making sure we establish clear expectations so you are satisfied with the end result. 



  • Website design or redesign in WordPress
  • Website content
  • The website will belong to your dental practice (we will transfer ownership and provide you with the login details)
  • We will transfer your newly designed website to your own hosting provider


  • No on-site photo or video shoot (images and logo need to be provided by dental practice otherwise we’ll use stock photos). You can learn about our optional Photo & Video Shoot package here.
  • Hosting will need to be provided by the dental practice. You can learn more about our optional Website Hosting package here.
  • No ongoing website updates after the website is launched. You can learn more about our optional Website Updates package here.

Website Add-ons

You can still get your free website without either of these add-ons. We just want to offer this as an option if you’d like additional support or features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes! There’s no catch to our free website design services. Though we offer these services free of cost, we would appreciate an honest Google Review if you’re happy with the results. Because the service is free, it’s really a no-brainer for us to meet and see if we’d be a good fit to help.

Do you offer additional services than the free dental website design?

Yes, we also offer a Photo & Video Shoot package, a Website Hosting package, and a Website Updates package. These are optional services and are not required to purchase in order to 

Why do you offer this service for free?

Our mission is to empower dentists to develop authentic connections with their patients right from the start. Each website we build allows us to help us fulfill this mission.

Though the website design services are free, you can help support us by leaving us an honest Google Review if you’re happy with the results.

How long does it typically take to build a dental website?

We can typically get the first draft of your website completed between 2-4 weeks after we complete your kick-off call. From there, we will promptly implement any updates required before launching your website.

Is website hosting included for free?

No, website hosting is not included with the free dental website design services. You can either choose to host your website with us or can choose any other host you prefer. Whichever option you choose, we will gladly help you transfer over your newly designed website to your hosting provider of choice.