A reliable system of growth. For any dental practice.

We built the Dental Engine to empower dental practices. Our video courses, checklists, how-to-guides, and written processes provide transparency and accountability. 

3Pillars of Growth

Our Mission

To serve and educate dental practices on effective growth strategies that lead to financial stability and success 

What is the Dental Engine?

It’s a system of growth with 10 key modules for success. When it comes to building an engine, the order matters. The Dental Engine is structured to help you learn each module in order of importance for a dental marketing strategy. If you skip around, you’ll learn the marketing skills, but you will lose critical understanding of how these components work together to produce reliable, predictable results. 


Introduction to the Dental Engine

With 77% of the population using online search engines to search for healthcare providers, it’s more important than ever to ensure your practice is locked, loaded, and ready to support these prospective new patients.

This module contains 8 lessons that will introduce you to The Dental Engine. It will give you the foundation for which your dental practice can reach it’s full potential. 


Website Optimization

Your website is often the first interaction prospective new patients have with your dental practice and often is the difference between converting them to new patients or deterring them to one of your competitors.

This module contains 17 lessons that will show you how to build an optimized dental website. With topics spanning from choosing a good domain name, converting prospects with contact forms, and tutorials on how to setup a WordPress website, you’ll learn everything you need to do to build an optimized dental website.


Advertising with Google Ads

We know that you don’t have time to wait when it comes to finding new patients. Effective growth comes from taking advantage of both short-term and long-term strategies. Digital advertising with Google Ads is often the fastest method to get in front of potential patients right at the time they are searching for the services that your practice offers. 

This module contains 2 lessons. You’ll learn how to implement an effective ad strategy to find new patients. And the best part is, you can get started right away. 


Map Pack Optimization

The Map Pack (also known as The Local Pack) is a set of 3 local business results with a map of their locations pulled from Google Maps. These search results show beneath the Google Ads (Module 3) and above the Google Organic results (Module 5). Optimizing all 3 areas is important in building awareness among those potential patients looking for a new dental practice. 

This module contains 5 lessons. It will go into detail about the specific actions you should be taking on an ongoing basis to rank in the Map Pack for searches that are most relevant to your practice and the services you offer.


Search Engine Optimization

The third and final area of the 3 pack is Google Organic, which contains those rankings below the Map Pack rankings (mentioned above in Module 4). By implementing a strong dental SEO strategy, you’re able to organically rank (rank without pay) for many searches that are related to the services you offer. SEO is typically a long-term investment that allows you to grow even more over time.

This module contains 4 lessons that will teach you how to optimize your website to rank organically for key terms related to your practice and services.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a great way for dental practices to engage with potential and existing patients. Using social media channels like Facebook and Instagram allows practices to share the human side of their practice and build further engagement with these individuals.

This module contains 4 lessons that will teach you how to implement a social media strategy both for the practice and the dentists in the practice.


Reputation Management

Imagine that one day you wake up to some mild tooth pain. You go to Google and type in “dentist near me” and are bombarded with a plethora of dental practices on the search engine results page. Which one do you go with? Are you going to choose the practice that has 3 reviews with an average start rating of 2 stars? Or are you going to choose the practice that has 120 reviews with an average star rating of 4.8 stars and dozens of positive patient testimonials?   

This module contains 5 lessons that will teach how to build a positive online reputation that can be leveraged to influence patients in their search for a new practice.


Analytics & Reporting

So you’ve made it this far! You’ve created an optimized website, are driving traffic to your website from Google and other social channels, and are effectively managing your online reputation. What comes next?

Putting the correct analytics and reporting in place will allow you optimize all your efforts and increase your effectiveness and efficiency overtime. In other words, this module will help you oil the engine so it can serve you in the long-term.


Patient Communication

Did you know it’s 5 times more expensive to acquire a new patient as it is to retain an existing patient? If you’ve already done the hard work of getting someone to visit your office, make sure you keep them around to enhance the patient lifetime value. 

This module contains 5 lessons that will cover topics such as digital communication best practices and developing brand loyalty.


Practice Management 

Marketing can only do so much to increase your practice value. Your office will also need to dedicate training towards providing consistently positive experiences for patients.

This module contains 5 lessons that will cover topics such as conflict resolution, new patient scripting and accountability measures, and workplace culture.



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Dental Engine

Our Story

We were tired of traditional marketing agencies

Marketing agencies are notoriously deceptive. Using confusing jargon and complicated schemes to make you believe you’re getting your money’s worth. They care more about the transaction, than the relationships.

We went to work to create a training platform to protect dental practices from this problem. Now dentists can use our training courses for two purposes:

  1. To keep marketing agencies accountable
  2. To bring your dental marketing in-house

However you decide to use our platform, we hope you experience freedom from the outdated marketing system.