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In order for a website to be visible on the Internet, the files and data need to be stored on a physical server. Dental website hosting is like renting space within these servers. We make sure you have a strong digital foundation for your online presence. 

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Ready to establish a strong online presence? Our comprehensive hosting solution gets you on the right path toward success. 

Free WordPress support

We will provide support for any WordPress issue you are having on your website that is causing it not to function properly. This means if anything breaks on your website, we will jump into action to fix it at no extra cost.

LiteSpeed web server

Our hosting environment runs on a LiteSpeed web server which is the fastest web server in the world and uses the least server resources. That allows website owners to have faster websites.

24/7 management

Your hosting hardware and software is fully managed by us 24/7/365. We answer any questions you may have related to your server and we fix any issues that arise proactively to eliminate any downtime.

Free website migration

We will migrate all your websites from any platform and server at no extra cost and will verify all of the migrated websites function correctly on the new server. The only thing you need to do is provide the login details to your old hosting server. 


Free SSL certificate

Each of your websites will get a free SSL certificate, automatically installed. This will ensure the safety and security of your website to prevent malicious attacks to your domain. It serves as the first line of defense against malware and other potential hacks.

SShield security protection

SShield is an innovative security solution which blocks 99.998% of the web attacks to your website. It also monitors your website in real-time and notifies you if a hack occurs.

Daily recovery backups

Your daily backups are stored on a remote backup server in a remote data center. This ensures that your backups are always safe.

Dedicated IP address

You get a dedicated IP address which has multiple advantages such as improved ranking in Google, never get blacklisted and all emails you send will reach the recipient.

Better Google rankings

Your website will rank higher in Google because you get a dedicated IP address and dedicated CPU resources for quick load-times as Google loves fast websites.

HTTP/3 support

HTTP/3 uses the new Internet transport protocol QUIC which makes your websites faster and more reliable.


Infection free guarantee

We are so confident that your website will not get infected in our hosting environment that if it ever does, we will clean it at no extra cost.

“Our website is faster and I just feel like patients have a better experience coming to our site. Plus it’s just something that I don’t have to worry about anymore.”

– Dr. Scott C., DDS

dental website hosting

What sets us apart? Unlimited support.

Online success depends on ensuring that your websites are always running fast, secure and fully functioning.

We are the only hosting company that includes unlimited WordPress support for any website that is hosted on our platform.

If anything ever goes wrong on any of your WordPress websites we will jump into action and fix it for you at no additional cost.