Add Call Tracking to Your Marketing Plan

Your digital marketing strategy’s primary goal is to attract new patients. However, for it to happen, your phone must ring. While a ringing phone is wonderful news for a dental practice, how can you evaluate what is bringing in new patients if you don’t know what marketing sources are producing the phone calls?

One of the most basic and straightforward reasons that consumers and businesses invest in call tracking is to guarantee that their marketing expenditures are being spent correctly.

You can readily see which campaigns are receiving the most phone calls, leads, and appointments by employing unique tracking numbers on each of your different marketing pieces (website, direct mail, newspaper advertisements, etc.). You may boost your spending without wasting marketing dollars by investing more in the marketing channels that are working and less (or none at all) in the ones that aren’t.



What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking software identifies the origins of incoming phone calls, whether they are from an advertisement, billboard, social media post, website, or something else. Each marketing channel, both online and offline, is granted a unique phone number thanks to dynamic number insertion (DNI).

Call tracking is essentially a technology that helps you to arrange how patients call into your dental business. Call monitoring allows you to identify where your calls are coming from and which dental marketing activities are more effective by allocating a unique phone number to each marketing channel.




How Does Call Tracking Work?

Every active marketing campaign is allocated a unique phone number (tracking ID). This might be print advertisements, postcards, PPC advertising, or social media. Any calls received through the different call tracking IDs will be routed back to your primary contact number. This eliminates the complication of having a single phone number for all of your marketing initiatives.

Assume a potential dental patient saw your website and wants to schedule an appointment. Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a mechanism that tracks and changes the number when a visitor arrives on the site based on the traffic source.

Similarly, if you’re tracking leads generated by offline marketing activity, each campaign should have its own unique call tracking ID.


Email Communication

Why Call Tracking?

The majority of dental offices will track their internet marketing performance using measures like search rankings, visitor counts, and email inquiries. While internet commerce is growing, customers will still call to inquire about a treatment or to register as a new patient.

The most recent call tracking software can inform you which of your marketing efforts are successful and which are not. Call tracking is also an excellent method for grouping calls originating from various channels (Organic search and Google Ads, for example).

Call tracking allows you to determine which ad campaign a call originated from, allowing you to track your most efficient marketing channels. You may also utilize call tracking to gain access to crucial information that will help you maximize your marketing efforts, measure appointment conversion rates, determine your busiest time of day for phone calls, and even check call quality. Essentially, call tracking is a simple and inexpensive technique that may drastically improve your outcomes.

Value of Call Tracking

As a dentist, you have a lot on your plate, such as monitoring employee performance and caring for patients. A call tracking software helps you to audit your marketing initiatives so you can focus on which ones are providing the highest ROI. It will be useful and will assist you in scaling your profession. As a result, you must understand the importance of implementing call tracking for your dental practice. List below are some of the main reasons to use call tracking

Call Conversion 

Another appealing feature of dental call tracking is the ability to view how many of your inbound phone calls result in patients being scheduled. This information allows you to determine which of your marketing activities result in the greatest conversions rather than merely receiving calls. It can also show you the proportion of calls that come from established patients vs calls from new patients. Knowing these figures will enable you to divide your marketing budget between the most efficient channels for acquiring new patients and the most effective channels for patient retention.

Conversion Track Lead Quality 

When a new patient phones in, it’s probable that this is their first interaction with your office. If their first impression is disengaged and chilly, or if they are requested to wait before speaking, it will reflect poorly on your practice. You will end up losing valuable cash streams and tarnishing your practice’s reputation. Of course, you understand the significance of providing excellent customer service. Call tracking may help you improve your team’s phone abilities by measuring who answers the most calls and arranges the most appointments. Some software can also include voice recordings of each phone call, allowing you to track each team member’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

Insights Into Marketing Strategies

No more sifting through several sources of data to determine which dental marketing plan is more effective. With call tracking, you’ll be able to see which campaigns are doing the best, the worst, and everything in between.

Lead Generation

One of the most significant advantages of dental call tracking software is that it may assist the dental practice in generating more leads. You may use call tracking to see which marketing efforts are producing the most phone calls. This data might assist you in focusing your efforts on the campaigns that are bringing in the greatest revenue. Furthermore, call monitoring can assist you in determining whether your present marketing plan is working or whether adjustments are required.

Improve ROI

Call tracking can also help you enhance your ROI (ROI). You may invest more money in certain initiatives and less money in others by tracking which marketing strategies generate the most leads. This will allow you to make the most of your marketing spend and experience a higher return on investment.

Improve Patient Experience

Call tracking may not only offer you a lot of information about where your calls are originating from and which marketing initiatives are effective, but it can also assist you in monitoring and improving the customer support experience. Most people who call into your office have never been there before. When a phone call is a patient’s initial point of contact with your clinic, it is vital that they have a favorable experience.

Bottom Line

Without call monitoring, you’re effectively marketing blindfolded—you have no idea what’s working and what’s not, and no accurate statistics to explain why. Sure, you can wander around with a blindfold on, reaching to feel where things are and trying not to fall down, but removing the blindfold is unquestionably preferable. You can completely examine and optimize your dental marketing dollars and ROI when you can observe what’s going on with your dental marketing initiatives.

Call tracking can help your dental practice’s bottom line. You may focus your marketing efforts on the channels that are generating the most leads and reassign cash as needed, making your practice more efficient.

Without a doubt, it is time to track your phone calls. Contact The Dental Engine team if you’re interested in establishing a call tracking system created exclusively for marketing dental practices like yours.