Email Communication for Patients

One of the most critical components of a successful dental practice is communication. Digital patient communication has steadily risen over time, and it is now at an all-time high. Patients are able to transmit their oral health issues to their dentists through good communication, and dental practitioners are able to provide their patients with the finest dental treatments.

Constant communication is also essential for building patient trust and loyalty. Patients feel really cared for by their dentists after their visit to the clinic because of regular communication. They grow more attached to the practice and will not only return as a result of that connection but will also suggest it to everyone they know.

Communication with patients is now simpler than ever thanks to technological advancements, like email.



Why Email?

Emailing is an excellent method to remain in touch with your patients and extend their pleasant experiences outside the office. Mass email is ideal for dental office marketing and keeping people engaged between appointments with newsletters and holiday greetings that keep your clinic at the forefront of their minds.

Patient emails are an excellent method to remain in touch with your patients and improve patient retention. Here are some of the main reasons why patient emails are so vital in dental practices:


Maintain Contact with Your Patients

It is critical to remain in touch with your patients if you want to preserve a productive connection. Patient emails assist you in accomplishing this. You may keep your patients updated about what’s going on by sending out regular updates and information about your practice. This contributes to the development of trust and confidence between you and your patients.

Keep Your Patients Informed

If you have fresh deals or services to market, patient emails are ideal. You may also utilize patient emails to advertise practice changes or modifications, such as a new location or extended hours. By keeping your patients informed, they will be more inclined to return to your office and suggest it to others.

Encourage Dental Health 

Patient emails can be used to improve oral health and education. Send your patients evidence-based, diagnosis-specific teaching resources instead of leaving their findings to Google. That extra thinking not only shows patients that you care enough about them to think about them outside of their sessions, but it also makes them feel more in charge of their health. You may assist your patients to learn more about taking care of their teeth by giving out suggestions and advice on maintaining proper oral hygiene. This can eventually lead to more people coming to your business for dental care.

Email Communication

Schedule Appointments

It’s easy to lose vital information in today’s bustling lifestyle, especially for patients who may not be able to jot it down when a phone call comes in. Consider text or email appointment reminders instead of requiring your patients to rely on memory or hope that they’ve written it down accurately. These reminders are maintained in their respective systems, making it simple for patients to review this information anytime they need to. This also has the added benefit of demonstrating that your clinic delivered the right information if a patient arrives at the wrong time for a booked appointment.

The management of dental appointments is critical to the success of any dental office. Patient emails may help you keep track of who has appointments and when, as well as notify patients about impending appointments. This can aid in the smooth and effective operation of your practice. 

Other Types of Emails to Send 

Keeping track of how many emails you send to patients is a balancing act. You don’t want complete silence, but you also don’t want to overwhelm your patients to the point where they opt out. Here are some examples of occasions to mention in your email communications:

Information about Holidays and Emergency Services

You should mention your holiday hours, whether or not you will provide emergency services, what patients should do in the event of an emergency, and when your office will reopen in your holiday communications. This is also an excellent moment to highlight any current promos or vacancies for last-minute visitors.

Welcome to the Community

This should be the first and most significant email you send to your patients. It’s an honor, especially in this day and age, to give a business your personal email address, so the least you can do is thank them by inviting them to your dental community.

Begin the welcome email by introducing yourself and then linking to other relevant platforms, such as social media, that they may be interested in.

A timely welcome email informs patients that you’re looking forward to seeing them at your dental practice. Perhaps more crucially, it instructs them on how to prepare for their appointment and who to contact if they have any issues. Furthermore, if you send it quickly following your initial phone conversation, patients are more likely to open and read it.

Birthdays of Patients

Receiving an email from someone other than your family on your birthday makes you feel special. Birthday emails are another easy but effective approach to improve relationships with your patients and differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Launch of a New Service

Do you have a new product or service that you’re thrilled about? Send an email to your patients to share your joy! Simply ensure that the offering you’re writing about is relevant to the patient’s condition. Otherwise, he or she will have little motivation to open your message, which may drive the patient to ignore future emails. You should send an email blast whenever you introduce a new service. 

A Consistent Newsletter Email

You may create and distribute a newsletter to your patients and clients on a weekly or monthly basis. You may keep everyone up to date on what’s going on in your practice by sending out a newsletter. This not only keeps everyone linked to your dental practice but also makes your patients feel like they are a part of your practice’s community. This is an excellent approach to increasing patient loyalty.

Staffing Changes

When an associate doctor joins the practice or a hygienist goes on maternity leave, send them an email. This demonstrates that you are concerned about their comfort and want them to know that they will encounter new faces the next time they visit.

Bottom Line

Patient emails are an excellent method to remain in touch with your patients while also promoting your dental office. If you haven’t already started using patient emails, now is the moment. Dental clinics that utilize dental practice management software often include an email template option that allows them to easily send out mass patient emails. This is a great method to save time while also ensuring that all of your patients receive the same information. Emails from patients are an essential component of any dental practice’s communication strategy. 

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Email communication is a great way to engage and communicate with patients. This direct channel of communication enables you to build long-term connections with your patients. 

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