Patient Communication for Dental Practices

The most crucial component of running a business is communicating effectively and consistently with your patients. Communication is at the center of human contact, and it has the power to build or ruin a company. Effective patient communication may lead to higher revenue, repeat business, and referrals.

Why is communication important?

Effective communication has a beneficial influence on patients since it increases the likelihood of recurring business. So how can a dental practice improve its communications with its patients in order to build long-lasting relationships?

The material you create and distribute has the power to show your audience that you are competent, experienced, and they can rely on you. So, for effective communication, don’t forget about marketing! Your content and the language you employ helps build relationships with your patients.



Blogging is an essential component of communicating with your dental patients. Writing incredibly relevant, valuable, industry-specific information is critical for answering the user’s primary queries and educating them. Blogging may achieve this without being forceful or resembling typical sales pitches.

Dental clinics, like any other business, require a blog, and addressing your potential patients in this passive, instructive manner will encourage them to connect with and trust your material. When you blog, you start a two-way interaction with existing and prospective patients, as well as industry experts. Providing valuable information to readers encourages engagement and patient feedback. While doing so, you may provide a unique perspective on your dental practice.

If your blogging is done well, patients may feel at ease with you before they ever visit the reception area, much alone meet you. This is accomplished, of course, through the creation of accurate and relevant material. You may use blogging to establish yourself as the primary source of knowledge and comfort. If you repeatedly show to them, that you can confidently answer their questions, be a dependable source, and respond to any issues or concerns they may have, they will learn that they can come to you with their newest batch of queries.

This relationship and trust does not happen overnight. Therefore, frequent posting and dedication to it are critical components of a healthy blogging strategy.

Social Media

Through social media, you can easily communicate to your patients about your practice, updates, and tips for dental care. If dental practices keep up a regular presence on social media, they can help these millions of people better understand dental care and how to care for their teeth.

Using social media in dental care can help with patient engagement, as it keeps them constantly informed and updated. Other announcements, such as clinic closure reminders, in which specialists will be out of the office on leave, moving offices, or opening a new site, can be shared via social media. Your business may enhance brand exposure, and customize discussions, by using platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Mastering your social media communications also provides your practice with an ability to engage with your patients on a personal level. Social media allows you to develop stronger ties with your patients by rapidly responding to inquiries and informing them of exciting news first.

Email Communication

Email Marketing/Newsletters

Companies send newsletters to keep their customers up to date on new goods, services, and business updates. It is also a method of keeping the company’s name in the minds of customers, as well as a type of connection between the company and its customers.

A business that wants to build a strong relationship with its consumers might do so by connecting with them. A newsletter encourages engagement since it serves as a channel for the company’s ideas to be heard.

Text Communication

Texting your patients can help decrease appointment cancellations. Simple reminders and follow-up communication can ensure new patients keep their commitments. Practices can use patient communication systems to deliver automatic SMS reminders to patients who have upcoming appointments. Most patient communication software will automatically update your calendar in your practice management system once patients respond with a confirmation.

More Tips for Effective Communication

Planning and Tracking

Make sure to stay ahead of the game by creating a detailed plan for the upcoming weeks and months. 

Schedule Reminders

Schedule and automate follow-up and reminder emails to patients ahead of time.

Ensure Quality Content

Always review the content and quality of your patient communications.

Ask for Feedback

It’s always important to learn and grow as a practice by listening to your patients. 


Be Consistent

Consistency is key for a successful long-term communication strategy. 

Bottom Line

Did you know it’s 5 times more expensive to gain a new patient as it is to keep an existing patient? If you’ve already done the hard work of getting someone to visit your office, make sure you keep them around to enhance the patient’s lifetime value.

Communication is essential for establishing and maintaining the trust and understanding required to form long-term patient relationships. Make client communication a top priority, and your company will thrive.

How do you want to grow?

The Dental engine gives dental practices the choice. Attracting and keeping new patients requires knowledge and expertise in marketing, patient communication, accountability measures, processes/procedures, and much more. In short, practice growth requires an effective growth system that can be leveraged to take the actions that lead to the desired results. With The Dental Engine, you can hire us or do it yourself!