Reasons Why You Need an Explainer Video

Dental offices require marketing just as much as, if not more than, any other area in healthcare. Operating a dental practice has grown more difficult than ever before. The competition is stiff, and standing out is becoming increasingly tough. Fortunately, explainer videos may assist you in doing just that!

Before potential patients come to your dental practice, they need to know exactly what it is that your dental practice provides and how it will benefit them. Explainer videos come in useful in this situation. We’ll go over what an explainer video is and why it’s so vital to employ for your dental practice.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video may be thought of as the modern-day elevator pitch for a company’s product or service.

Successful ones are short, focused, and have a single goal: to communicate the value of your product in the shortest time possible. The explainer video format is intended to capture patients’ attention (typically between 30 seconds and 3 minutes). Because attention is in short supply, most explainers have a high production value and a clear call-to-action. Explainer videos are a marketing tool to help explain your dental practice. They are frequently used on landing pages, the main page of a website, or a prominent product page.

Benefits of Explainer Videos For Your Dental Practice

An explainer video may help a dental practice generate leads, increase website traffic, and increase brand recognition and conversions. Explainer videos allow patients to emotionally connect with knowledge and facts by incorporating them into stories through visual storytelling. In this method, you can interest potential patients’ curiosity and successfully embed your message in their minds. The following are some of the other significant aspects of an explanation video.

Increases Website Traffic: 

Including an animated explainer video on your landing page may boost website traffic and enhance conversion rates. Web pages featuring video content are favored by internet search engines. This is because they are simple to detect and crawl for Internet bots. Web crawlers, often known as spiders, categorize everything on the Internet for search engines such as Google so that it may be discovered when consumers put in search phrases.

Boost Search Engine Optimization:

By frequently adding fresh videos, updates, and information, your website may become the go-to source for information, and you can grow an audience and enhance your SEO. Rich snippets can be enabled by embedding video explainers and other structured data on your website. These are search engine visual examples of your page that drive more traffic than textual site descriptions. 

Simplify Complex Concepts:

If people don’t understand what your dental practice provides, it’s difficult to explain why it’s the best. Animated explainer videos may keep viewers engaged while breaking down difficult ideas into readily consumable chunks. Learning new things becomes more enjoyable and items or services become more desirable when great animation is combined with strong music and voiceovers.

Sells Without Being Salesy:

It is unnecessary to state outright that your dental practice appears to be the greatest option for patients. By creating animated movies that explain how complicated procedures are, your dental practice shows that you care about your patients with the attempt to make them feel comfortable. It increases audience loyalty and, as a result, interest in acquiring service from your dental practice. 

Useful for Potential and Current Patients:

Although the primary purpose of an explainer video is to attract new patients, it may also be beneficial to existing patients. This is especially true if your dental practice has any new dental products or services. 

Types of Explainer Video

Live-Action Explainer Videos:

Explainer videos with actual people or demonstrations in real life might help to boost relatability. They also provide a sense of familiarity or portray a lifestyle to your patients. Companies providing a tangible product or a people-oriented service should use live-action explainer videos.

Animated Explainer Videos:

When it comes to discussing services animation is frequently the favored medium. Because some services have few, if any, actual things, live action is an impractical alternative. Explainer videos that are animated allow for greater creativity and are easier to modify or update in the future. Use our selection of video editing software to choose a program that suits your needs.

What to Include in the Video

An explainer video does not appear out of nowhere. That would be far too simple. It’s a lengthy production process that must be meticulously planned and executed to the last detail. This is the only method to make high-quality videos that persuade your target audience to come to your dental practice.

An summary of the most critical aspects of an explainer video follows:

Present the problem:

Explainer videos are designed to solve a specific problem, and show why they’re the best option.

Offer you a solution:

Now is the moment to pitch your dental practice as a solution to the problem you described before. You should highlight why your dental practice is valuable and how you can help patients with dental needs. Reframing this in your patient’s mind will reinforce the value that your practice can provide.

Show how it works:

Talk about the different services your practice can provide to your patients. 

Provide a call to action:

Explainer videos should make it obvious what the intended audience should do after seeing them.


Explainer Video Ideas for Dental Practices

Explain Complex Procedures:

Dental operations may be frightening, especially to those who are unfamiliar with them. You may utilize explainer movies to help people grasp these complicated operations. Your patients will feel more at ease coming in for a treatment if they understand exactly what you’ll be performing and why. The typical structure of explainer videos is ideal for discussing dental treatments.

Basic Communication:

Not all animated videos are intended to clarify difficult concepts. Some can only be used to communicate with your patients and encourage them to take the next step, such as coming in for a check-up, or signing up for your newsletter. There’s nothing wrong with employing explainer video creation to boost your email marketing efforts. If you encourage individuals to sign up for the email with video content, they are more likely to do so.

How to Make an Explainer Video

Step 1: Write the video script:

The most critical aspect of an explainer video is the writing. The plot is driven by a voice-over that explains what viewers are seeing. The graphics, which we’ll discuss later, are important, but their primary goal is to explain and reinforce what’s being stated.

Recommended Practices for Scripts

  • Keep it brief, ideally 90 seconds or fewer.
  • The first 30-40 seconds should contain your main message and value offer. Don’t leave people guessing.
  • Use terms like “you” and “your” to speak in the second person.
  • Use simple language; avoid using technical jargon that visitors would not comprehend.
  • Consider the tone you want to use in your explainer film. The majority of videos have a conversational tone.

Step 2: Record or upload your voice-over:

Once you’ve decided on a voice, record the screenplay in a recording studio or with a software. A narrative voice may be highly useful in supporting photographs and making them easy to grasp, especially when dealing with complicated things. The voice tone should be consistent with the brand image and video content. 

Step 3: Production Phase:

The real video creation takes place throughout the production phase, and all of the concepts are combined into an unified plot.  This is when you collect or make images, icons, and other material for the video. After collecting your visual assets, you pull your explainer video together. 

Final Thoughts

Turning leads into regular clients requires a personal touch in your marketing strategy. What better method to get out to your target audience than with graphic content? For dentists who want to step up their marketing game, video marketing is the greatest option. 

Above all, remember to prioritize your patients. Tell people what they need to know in an engaging manner, and you’ll always create the correct impression.

Whether you’re animating or shooting a live video, the process is extremely different, so if you’re not sure what you’re doing, reach out to a third-party video or marketing agency for assistance. Many agencies can assist you with the process, but make sure you choose one that specializes in or has previously produced explainer videos, like The Dental Engine


Need Assistance?

The Dental Engine can assist you if you want more materials or assistance in creating your own explainer video for your dental practice. To learn more about how we can assist you with all of your explainer video requirements, contact us today.