Refresh Your Dental Practice’s Social Media

For years, dentists depended nearly solely on reputation and word-of-mouth marketing to grow their practice. Nonetheless, in this day and age, the audience is almost certainly on social media. You must be familiar with the complexities of social media web marketing for dentists, such as blogging, video marketing, paid social advertisements, and even podcasts.

Social media internet marketing for dentists promotes dentistry practice online using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. It entails developing ideas for leveraging social media, posting to social media, running social media advertisements, interacting with users, and other approaches. 

Small companies, especially dental practices, may profit greatly from social media. As a dentist, you may utilize social media to communicate with current patients and even open doors to meet new patients who are seeking a dentist like you.


Why Social Media is Important for Dental Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of attracting new patients to any dental business. While your dental clinic may be visible solely to the local community, social media marketing allows you to reach a bigger audience, clearly spell out your offerings, and exhibit your talents as a dental expert, providing your customers a compelling reason to visit your office.

Use social media to make patients feel more at ease before they ever get to your office. Let clients know they’re in good hands by demonstrating your authority, track record, and industry knowledge. Through engaging and lighthearted social content, you may help to remove some of the stigma associated with going to the dentist. People will look forward to visiting you if you give your practice a unique identity.

Let’s dive into the different social media platforms. 



Every day, billions of people access Facebook. Facebook marketing for dentists is the most effective form of online marketing since you can build your user base by employing various strategies like content-based updates, links to your website, and even paid advertising on Facebook.

When you publish, it is critical to link back to your website so that interested readers may discover more about your practice. It’s also beneficial to share industry content since you become a valuable dental information source for future consumers.

Pros of Facebook


If you have a marketing budget, Facebook provides excellent social media marketing options as well. To reach potential patients in your dental practice area, you can easily build and run tailored advertising. Facebook has the best ad-targeting capabilities of any social media site for social media marketing.

Business Page

Similarly, your Business page may simply be used to supplement your website. You may provide updates, staff images, dentistry fun facts, and more to keep your dental office top of mind with your target audience. You may also quickly post updates about events, special deals, and other dental practice news.


You can quickly view and understand the ROI of your social media efforts with thorough post performance metrics, Facebook Pixel to link to your website, and more. Facebook also lets you run split-test advertisements against each other, providing you with even more analytical information.

Best for

  • Patient testimonials

  • Information and news about your practice
  • Educational posts 
  • Meet the team
  • Recommendations for products 
  • Holiday or seasonal wishes


Giving your patients photo-ready smiles? What do you think will be the first place they announce it? If you specialize in aesthetic dentistry, Instagram is the best place to showcase your practice’s confidence-boosting visual side. Keep in mind not to overdo the filters here. The objective should be to appear as professional and sincere as possible.

Dentists on Instagram may employ behind-the-scenes photographs, reposting images patients take in your clinic, presenting before and after shots (with patient consent), promoting events, organizing competitions for #BestSmile, or anything similar, and branded hashtags as dental marketing methods.

Best for

  • Patient testimonials
  • Before and after photos
  • Meet the dental team
  • Products 
  • Promoting Events
  • Branded hashtags
  • Behind the scenes 
  • Videos 

Tik Tok

Although TikTok may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering strategies to market and builds a dentistry business, there is no reason why to disregard it. 

There are two main approaches to making use of social media networks like TikTok. You may generate and share unique material in the hopes that it will attract the attention of potential patients without the need for commercial marketing. Alternatively, you may utilize TikTok’s advertising platform to run your commercials and ensure that your target audience sees your practice.

The material you submit on TikTok is crucial to attracting attention to your practice. A dentistry office may make the most of the TikTok social media platform in a variety of ways. You may make an instructional or how-to video, which is great for today’s customers’ short attention span. This type of material enables a lot of information to be packed into a short film.

If you want to introduce the many smiling faces that manage your dental practice on a daily basis, a small movie that shows the day-to-day operations of your practice can be a smart option. This enables you to rapidly introduce the dentists and personnel who comprise your office while demonstrating everyday activity. 

Best for

  • Educational content
  • Before and after videos or pictures
  • Fun and entertaining videos of your practice
  • Patient testimonials
  • Dental office tour
  • Holiday and seasonal video wishes

Email Communication

Use Hootsuite to Manage Social Media 

Hootsuite is a fantastic tool for managing social media network channels for your dental practice. It is frequently referred to as a social media management system or tool since it allows you to access many channels at the same time and monitor what patients are saying. You may submit updates, read answers, schedule messages, examine statistics, and do a variety of other things. 

A dentistry practice’s social media presence may easily become a full-time job—possibly even more than a full-time job—now more than ever. Many businesses utilize social media to provide special bargains to followers, provide customer service, and give them a reason to return.

It’s almost a need if you manage several social media accounts to be able to create and plan posts in advance for many accounts and platforms. Hootsuite allows you to compose posts, select which social media platforms to post to, and schedule when they will be published.

Content Planning

So you’ve discovered the social platforms where your target audience hangs out, created accounts including all of the dental brand profile information, and are ready to start posting.

But wait a minute: what are you going to post? How frequently will you post? And how do you want to engage your target audience?

To address all of these questions and more, you’ll need to do some content planning. 

Here are some steps to consider:

Setting goals

Setting content goals is the first step toward developing a long-term social media plan for your dental practice. Having goals in mind can assist you in determining the sort of material you will publish. Begin by defining your overall marketing goals and how you want your content marketing plan to help you achieve them. The more explicit your marketing objectives are, the more effectively you will be able to design your social media material to match those objectives.

Target audience

Simply said, material that connects with your audience is content that they interact with. To generate such relevant material, start by creating your buyer’s persona to understand who you’re trying to engage.

Plan content

A content audit can help you validate what you believe is doing effectively by providing quantifiable data on how each piece performs.You may discover a disparity between postings you believe should do well and the actual top performers.

Create a content calendar 

It’s time to create a social media content schedule once you’ve determined what material works best and outlined your major goals. A calendar will allow you to see the broad picture when it comes to social media content planning. It will assist you in visualizing and organizing your thoughts in order to make the approach easier to implement. Your content calendar will serve as a central location for all of your dental posts.

Need Assistance?

Planning an effective social media content strategy is a continual process, but it does not have to be burdensome. Plan your process using the principles above and follow these critical steps to produce content planning that prioritizes a strategic approach.

If you’re still trying to figure out how to balance different forms of social material for your dental practice, contact The Dental Engine!