Analytics & Reporting

Learn from the data
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Putting the correct analytics and reporting in place will allow you optimize all your efforts and increase your effectiveness and efficiency overtime. In other words, this module will help you oil the engine so it can serve you in the long-term.


What to expect in this course…

Google Analytics

You can learn a lot from your website visitors. Track successful campaigns from landing pages, see which dental services get the most clicks, identify where your audience is coming from and so much more. Google Analytics is a powerful tool to understand patient behavior. 

Call Tracking

If you want to optimize your marketing budget, you need to know where new patients are coming from. If they’re calling into the office, where did they see that phone number? With Call Tracking, you can set and track different phone numbers to monitor campaigns. 


Form Tracking

Some people prefer to fill out an online form instead of calling. Online forms are valuable resources to gather patient information. But they also allow you to track campaigns and monitor your marketing initiatives based on the form completions. 

Call Monitoring

Is your front office providing a good patient experience when they call in? Call monitoring allows you to listen to all phone calls and create accountability with your staff. 


Many marketing efforts take place behind the scenes. It’s easy (and common) for people to wonder about the effectiveness of all the various marketing campaigns. We show you how to create reports to prove ROI (Return on Investment) and marketing success. 

Are you ready to take marketing into your own hands?


Average spending on marketing services per month

There are a lot of dental offices to compete with out there. It’s important to stay within a healthy budget, but also critical to invest in the growth of your practice. Do an analysis of your nearby competition to see how your dental marketing efforts compare. 

Dental Marketing Spending

What to expect
from DIY courses


We know how busy dental teams can be. Trying to manage calls, appointments, insurance, accounting and lab work can be time-consuming and unpredictable. With unlimited access to dental marketing courses, you can set your own learning schedule and pace. 


Give a person a fish and you'll feed them for a day. Teach a person how to fish and you'll feed them for a lifetime. Instead of always paying for marketing services and being left in the dark, empower your team to learn new skills. New skill that will benefit your practice and the bottom line. 


The choice has always been: Do I outsource my marketing, or do I try to guess the best marketing for my practice? With dental marketing training, you can develop a firm understanding on dental marketing techniques to free you from this dilemma.