Spending money
to make money

Paid advertising on search engines like Google is a guaranteed way to get in front of potential new patients. Learn how to find patients looking for all the dental services you offer. 


What to expect in this course…

Google Paid Search

Learn how to set up Google Ad campaigns, identify effective keywords, and monitor your budgets. Google Ads are an effective way to generate immediate revenue for your practice. 

Google My Business Ads (Coming Soon)

Spending money to show up in the Google Maps results can be especially effective for mobile searches. Learn how to create ads that convert local searches into new patients. 

Facebook Ads (Coming Soon)

It can be a challenge to generate an organic social presence. With Facebook Ads, you can access a greater market instantly to generate awareness and growth. 

Instagram Ads (Coming Soon)

Instagram has many similarities to Facebook. Learn the differences and how to effectively use Instagram ads to convert new patients. 

Yelp Ads (Coming Soon)

As people look at reviews online, Yelp is a great place to showcase the positive experiences of your existing patients. 


Yellow Pages Ads (Coming Soon)

Running ads on listings like Yellow Pages can make it easier to find your practice in a saturated marketplace. 

Are you ready to take marketing into your own hands?


Average spending on marketing services per month

There are a lot of dental offices to compete with out there. It’s important to stay within a healthy budget, but also critical to invest in the growth of your practice. Do an analysis of your nearby competition to see how your dental marketing efforts compare. 

Dental Marketing Spending

What to expect
from DIY courses


We know how busy dental teams can be. Trying to manage calls, appointments, insurance, accounting and lab work can be time-consuming and unpredictable. With unlimited access to dental marketing courses, you can set your own learning schedule and pace. 


Give a person a fish and you'll feed them for a day. Teach a person how to fish and you'll feed them for a lifetime. Instead of always paying for marketing services and being left in the dark, empower your team to learn new skills. New skill that will benefit your practice and the bottom line. 


The choice has always been: Do I outsource my marketing, or do I try to guess the best marketing for my practice? With dental marketing training, you can develop a firm understanding on dental marketing techniques to free you from this dilemma.