The Simple Psychology of Dental Marketing: Social Proof

If your community is looking for the best dentistry, what goes into their decision process? Perhaps patients would choose based on traffic? Popularity? Or would they choose a dental office that had no significant presence? 

One of the most powerful psychological phenomena for the marketing of your business is social proof. When utilized correctly, social proof can significantly boost the online and offline reputation of your dental practice. Before I focus on the ‘how-to’, I’d like to first explain what it is and why it’s important.

What is Social Proof and Why is it Important?

Social proof is the idea that people will usually follow the masses in an attempt to make correct decisions. Typically, social proof is easier to develop in person. Then customers can come in and look at physical products to make their own educated decision. When it comes to an online presence and a practice offering services, your patients will be looking closely at online reviews of previous patients to help them decide. 

So, why does this matter?

Think of a revolving door. Once someone enters and the door begins to revolve around, taking more and more people in with each pass, the momentum of the door continues to turn and bring in more people. Your practice is like a revolving door and the more social proof you’re generating, the more your door will continue to turn. 

If you’re not growing and taking in more patients, the door will remain stationary. You want your door to be consistently revolving, bringing in new patients, and keeping your regulars happy.

5 Ways to Display Social Proof on your Website to Gain More Patients

     1. Display Positive Reviews

Patients will notice if your dental practice is being recommended. They want to see your online rating by simply doing a Google or Yelp search. For most patients looking for a new dentist, the ‘star rating’ will tell them a lot without having to read any reviews. Displaying this 4 or 5-star rating on your website shows patients that your dental office is appreciated and popular among the local community.

     2. Display Customer Testimonials

After seeing your practice’s rating on your website, patients are very likely to follow-up with why other patients gave you a 4 or 5-star rating. Displaying these written testimonials of your previous patients solves two problems: providing potential patients with a sense of transparency, which easily builds trust and helps guide them in choosing your dental practice over others.

     3. Display Patient Count

While you don’t have to go into detail, listing a brief customer count helps new patients see how many patients are a part of your dental community. This helps prospective patients see the value in the services your office provides.

     4. Display Recognition and Mentions

Sometimes the best way to validate your dental practice to your patients is by way of show and tell. It never hurts to be a bit more personable. Having a display of before and afters or mentioning patients who really showcase your work can help create a mood of trust.

     5. Display Socials

Displaying your social media accounts doesn’t always drum up social proof, but having a following definitely helps. People like to use social media to ask for recommendations and suggestions. Having your socials displayed can create a more seamless experience for your regular patients to recommend your office and your prospective patients to join the community.

Have you been using Social Proof for your dental marketing?

These steps should help you feel more confident in creating social proof for your practice. Remember, if you understand the importance of having great patients that rely on you, you understand that it’s essential for your office to keep the revolving door moving, to bring in new patients as well as satisfy your regulars.

As always, for additional information and help completing these steps, please visit the Dental Engine to sign up for specialized training to help grow your dental practice into being the best it can be.