Successful Domain Names

A domain name is the identity card for your dental practice. This separates you from everyone else on the internet. Picture a really important event that’s hosting all the biggest dental companies in your state. Everyone comes and wants to stand out, but the rule of the party is that first impressions can only be made through a glance at your companies’ ID card posted on your shirt. If your ID card reads a mix of numbers and letters, most would overlook your company because they can’t tell who you are or what they’re about to get into.
Along with having a unique identity, having a good domain name serves as a way to protect your practice, build up your reputation, and drive new patients to your office.

Why Does it Matter? Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

Selecting the perfect domain name is like selecting the right dental tool for the job. It can be the deciding factor for patients finding your website and being satisfied enough to recommend it to others over a different dental practice.

This process sounds difficult, but can actually be rewarding if you follow these steps to help guide you through making the right decision.

7 Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name

     1. Keep it Simple; Keep it .com

Domain extensions, otherwise known as the tail-end to every website, affect the ‘trust-ability’ of your company and your website. While there are plenty of newer, more hip sounding domain extensions, your patients will stick to what they know.

A .com site has become the most recognizable and trustworthy extension for a domain. They’re easy to relay to others and easy to remember. 

     2. Keep it Short

We realize there’s a lot to be said about your dental practice, but when it comes to domain names, less is more. In the same way that too much text on an instruction manual usually turns you off to read it, having a domain name with too many characters can be a similar turn-off.

Try and stick to a name that runs under 15 characters in length. The shorter and more direct your domain name is, the easier it will be to remember and relay.

     3. Keep it Easy to Understand

Your patients should be able to understand your domain name if they’re reading it or if they’re hearing it. Try to use simple words that are short and easy to spell. 

     4. Keep it Unique 

While you want your domain name to be simple and easy to remember, you also want it to stick out and be unique to your dentistry. It would be a good idea to assess what separates your dental practice from all the others.

Do your research and see what your competitors are doing. Find out what is successful and what isn’t. This will also keep you from accidentally copying another practice. 

     5. Keep Away from Double Letters

Any domain name with repetitious lettering can seem scattered and confusing to your patients. When they’re on their own, searching Google for your website, it’s best to have a name that isn’t confusing or isn’t easily mistaken because of typos.

For instance, if you wanted your domain name to be, patients would have a harder time deciphering how many l’s there are each time. Again, keeping it simple is best.

     6. Keep Away from Hyphens and Numbers

Hyphens and numbers only add to the difficulty when patients are trying to find your website. Can you imagine if had a hyphen in the middle or maybe a few numbers added to the end of it ( It may look unique to you, but to others, it’s just a waste of time. 

     7. Keep in Mind the Long Term

If you decide to change things up in the future, keep in mind that it will cost you plenty of time, effort, and money. When deciding on your domain name, make sure you’re not pinning yourself into a corner by being too specific or too broad. Make sure it’s something that will last, stick, and grow.

Have you thought of a good domain name for your dental practice?

All of these tips should help you in choosing the perfect domain name for your practice. Remember, if you understand the importance of having a good domain name, you understand that it’s essential for your company to have a unique and quality identity.

As always, for additional information and help completing these steps, please visit the Dental Engine to sign up for specialized training to help grow your dental practice into being the best it can be.