The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

All dental practices understand the importance of dental practice marketing. When executed correctly, it brings new patients, more business, and even helps to strengthen bonds with long-time patients. Dental practice marketing is essential for the growth of your office if you want your practice to thrive.

It’s easy to know that you should market your dental practice, but in the process of ‘how’, have you ever stopped to educate your office on the ins and outs of dental practice marketing?

This list of key fundamental factors to follow act as cogs in a clock. When all the parts are placed correctly, the clock functions properly like a well-oiled machine. When combined together, these factors will educate you and your team on the leading elements in proper dental practice marketing.

Elements like:

  • Website Optimization
  • Google Ads for Dental Practices
  • SEO Best Practices

And so much more!

The Dental Engine and your Dental Practice Marketing

Here’s a list of our chapters and the lessons we cover. Each chapter, when combined with the rest, act as fundamental building blocks to the growth of your dental practice.

  • Chapter 1: Dental Practice Marketing & Growth Fundamentals
    In this chapter, we’ll cover essential factors like the difference between traditional and digital marketing, understanding your competition, and the three pillars of dental practice growth.

  • Chapter 2: Dental Practice Website Optimization
    In this chapter, we’ll introduce you to the importance of optimizing your dental practice website, increasing your appointment requests and number of patients. We’ll explain ideas like how to choose a good domain name, add social proof to your website, and how to stand out with custom made graphics.

  • Chapter 3: Google Ads for Dental Practices
    In this chapter, we’ll cover how to set up paid search ads in Google Ads. Because Google Ads help to get your office in front of prospective patients, your practice will appear for the right services at the right time. This chapter will show your office how to do things like planning your campaign, write your ad copy, and optimize your campaign ad budget.

  • Chapter 4: Google My Business (GMB) for Dental Practices
    In this chapter, we focus on helping you optimize your Google My Business profile page. This will help you rank in searches in the “Map Pack” which are the search results in Google’s local map. We’ll cover things like keeping your GMB up to date, the importance of the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) congruence, and how to add locations for multi-location practices.

  • Chapter 5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Dental Practices
    In this chapter, we’ll show you how to effectively use SEO skills for your dental practice. You’ll learn things like how to perform on-page SEO, how to utilize blogs on your website, and how to perform off-page SEO.

  • Chapter 6: Social Media for Dental Practices
    Chapter 6 will focus on social media marketing. We’ll show you how to support your social channels both from your practice and from your dentists. Covering ideas like Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and other social media channels will allow you to build an audience with prospective patients and engage your existing ones.

  • Chapter 7: Reputation Management for Dental Practices
    This chapter will show you the importance of managing the reputation of your dental practice for long-term success. We’ll cover things like leveraging your Google reviews and how to request patient testimonials.

  • Chapter 8: Analytics & Reporting for Dental Practices
    This chapter is all about tracking and reporting your marketing and growth efforts to understand what will work and what won’t work. This chapter will go through the ins and outs of implementing Google Analytics for your website, setting up form tracking, and tracking and reporting your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Chapter 9: Dental Practice Patient Communication
    In this chapter, we’ll explain the importance of clear communication with your patients. You’ll learn concepts like call auditing, communication via email, and using website banners for important updates.

  • Chapter 10: Dental Practice Management Consulting
    With patient scripting and accountability measures, this chapter will show you how to quickly increase your practice value. We’ll go over call scripting, certain accountability measures to confirm with your office, and important leadership development that will help your dental office work together as a single unit.

Is your dental practice growing, working together, and marketing effectively?

It’s easy to know that marketing your dental practice is essential to the strength and growth of your office, but in the process of ‘how’, have you ever stopped to educate your office on the ins and outs of dental practice marketing?

When combined together, these training modules help educate you and your dental team on the leading elements in proper dental practice marketing.
As always, to kick off your dental practice marketing growth, please visit the Dental Engine to sign up for specialized training to learn how your dental office can be the best it can be.