5 Location-Based Marketing Strategies for Your Dentistry

Marketing for your dental practice is all about reaching the right patients at the right time. As different internet outlets evolve, focusing on the benefits of location-based marketing is important than ever. The differences of marketing strategies for single location vs. multi-location practices is important to take note of.

Effective marketing strategies are no longer just about the right practice and the right patient, but also the right place.
Location-based marketing is an essential tool for gaining new patients and helping your existing patients recommend your practice to others. It’s had high success rates in driving traffic by increasing awareness locally and abroad. It’s also a generally low-cost form of advertising compared to other advertising methods.

Single Location vs. Multi-location Practice

Location-based marketing takes different forms depending on your model for growth.

If you’re a home-grown, local practice with only one location, you would focus your marketing to attract customers from your surrounding area.
On the other hand, if your practice has multiple locations, you would use marketing strategies that treat each location as an individual.

Here are some examples using marketing strategies based on the number of locations in your practice.

5 marketing Strategies for Single Location Practices and Multi-location Practices

Single Location Practices

  1. You’ll only need one GMB profile with one address listed. This is a simple step to set-up that will provide your patients with enough information to make the call.
  2. Build out one location page and one contact us page on your website. Easy navigation practices on your website can make all the difference when it comes to user experience.
  3. Only one social media profile is needed across all platforms. However, make sure you make all the platform posting feel like one office. This doesn’t mean you have to post the same things on Facebook and Instagram, but try and have a connecting idea.
  4. Make sure to have one location tag for your patients when they begin following your practice. This will cut down on confusion and allow branding opportunities. 
  5. You may or may not need geotargeting when advertising online since you only need to specify one location.

Multi-location Practices

  1. Create separate GMB profiles for each location, listing individual office addresses on each profile. This step may take time, but it’s important that each office feels just as important as the rest.
  2. Set-up multiple location pages on your website along with the associated contact information per location. Make these pages easy to navigate and clear so patients will know which location they’re contacting. 
  3. Make sure you have separate social media profiles per location across all social media platforms. Each office will have their own followers and patients. This will help with identity and branding across the branches.
  4. You’ll need multiple location tags for your patients when they begin following your practice. This step is crucial. Make sure the location tags are clear and have correct spelling so there’s no mix-ups with appointments or new patients.
  5. You should specify geographic areas in which your ads appear online and offline.

While these marketing techniques may seem different, they’re valuable for localized and abroad operations.

Has your dental practice optimized the marketing needed for your office or multiple offices?

There are many other forms of location-based marketing that are solely based on the number of offices in your practice. It’s essential for your dental practice to focus on the location(s) entity in your marketing strategies to increase your presence and attract patients in each relevant community.

As always, for additional information and help completing these suggestions, please visit the Dental Engine to sign up for specialized training to help grow your dental practice into being the best it can be.