How do you want your dental practice to grow?

You want your practice to grow. The Dental Engine wants to help you. Gaining new patients and keeping your regulars requires knowledge and expertise in multiple fields. Marketing, patient communication, accountability measures, processes/procedures, and so many other strategies are needed for fast and effective growth.

In short, your practice should have an effective system in place that can take the necessary steps for your desired results. The Dental Engine provides that system. We’ll guide you through the changes required to produce results that are optimized for your practice. We’ve made dental practice growth and marketing simple to learn and easy to understand.

Our step-by-step methodology gives consistent results for any office.
Let us show you who we are and how the Dental Engine will work for you.

The Dental Engine: Our Mission

The Dental Engine is a methodology to implement the Three Pillars of dental practice growth:

  1. Qualified Web Traffic
  2. Conversion Rate Optimization
  3. Patient Lifetime Value

We created the Dental Engine to empower dental practices. Our video courses, checklists, how-to-guides, and written processes provide transparency, consistency, and accountability for your marketing needs.
Our mission is simple: to serve and educate dental practices on effective growth strategies that lead to financial stability and success. Simply put, we strive to give you the best tools, instruct you on how to use them, and help guide you along the way to being successful.

    What is The Dental Engine?

    It’s a system of growth with 10 fundamental modules for success.

    We know that when it comes to building an engine, the order matters as do all the parts required. Every one of our modules works in connection with each other.

    The Dental Engine is structured to help you learn each module in order of importance for a stable dental marketing strategy. If you skip around, you’ll learn the marketing skills, but you will lose the critical understanding of how these components work together to produce reliable, and predictable, results.

    First, we begin by introducing you to the Dental Engine. We help you to understand the relationship between Patient Retention and Patient Acquisition. Then, we take you into the modules for deeper learning of crucial concepts like Website Optimization, Google Ads Advertising, and SEO optimization. Finally, we bring you to the follow through stages. We’ll teach you about Social Media Marketing, Analytics Reporting, Patient Communication and Practice Management.

    For your dental practice, we understand the importance of utilizing special tools to get the job done right. When it comes to marketing, our modules are our tools to help you grow and succeed into being the best dental practice you can be.

      We Understand: Dental Practice Marketing Should be Straightforward

      Traditional marketing agencies bother us.
      They are known for being deceptive. By using confusing words and complicated schemes to make you believe you’re getting your money’s worth, they show what they really care about: the transaction.

      We’re all about the process of education and the relationship.
      We’ve gone to work to create a training platform to protect dental practices from these agencies. Now, dentists and their offices can use our training courses for two simple purposes:

      1. To keep marketing agencies accountable
      2. To bring your dental marketing in-house

      However you choose to use The Dental Engine, we hope your experience gives you freedom from the outdated, overbearing marketing system.

      Do you have the tools necessary to grow your dental practice?

      For your dental practice, we understand the importance of utilizing tools to get the job done right. When it comes to marketing, the Dental Engine is made up of our tools to help you grow and succeed. When combined together and used in order, you’ll learn the changes needed to produce results that are optimized for your practice. Marketing is the key to business growth and we want to be the key to your marketing success. 

      Start your dental practice marketing and growth journey by signing up for your path to success through the Dental Engine.