First Impressions are Everything

When potential patients visit your website, it’s critical your visitors understand what makes your practice one-of-a-kind from the start. Your practice has many options on achieving clarity, like designing an engaging logo, displaying original photography, or creating a customized website design. Whatever way you look at it, using impactful words to describe your dental practice can make the biggest impact. One of the easiest and quickest ways to portray your dental practice’s uniqueness is to create an unforgettable dental slogan.

This tiny, yet powerful block of words can be totally customized to your office’s needs. And while actions may speak louder than words, words are the way we communicate!

Top 10 Unforgettable Dental Slogans for Office

Dental slogans are usually a sentence-long (or shorter) piece of writing that is displayed on all your marketing profiles. These can include social media, commercials, and website banners. Slogans give your visitors a sense of your office’s skills and unique persona. 

Did you know that over 50% of your website visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on your website before leaving? This means that your slogan is your first introduction before your potential patients consider picking up the phone for an appointment.

Be creative with your slogan, but also make sure your introduction is memorable and meaningful. Just like when you’re meeting someone for the first time, you want your words to stick out among everyone else they may have met.

Let’s take a look at our top 10 unforgettable dental slogans and what make them so memorable!


     1. “Combining preventive care and modern technology to deliver lifelong health and wellness.”

This one-sentence approach to a dental slogan surely sums up everything the patient needs to know about what this practice can offer them. The use of power words like ‘preventive’ and ‘lifelong’ tell visitors that this dental office cares about offering them the complete solution for as long as they live!

     2. “Creating the healthy smile you want through science and artistry.”

Using words that back up your mission like ‘science’ and ‘artistry’ give potential patients the idea that your services are backed by scientific facts and personal skill. What could be better than a dental office that did their homework?

     3. “If your smile is not becoming to you, then you should be coming to me!”

Why not start off by letting potential patients know that you’re approachable and confident? This slogan seems a bit informal and we love it! There’s never anything wrong with being confident in your office’s skillset. Plus, lightening the mood can be a killer draw.

     4. “Protecting patients, regulating the dental team.”

We know this is a joke, throwing jabs at the dental team, but we have to admit–it’s catchy. This slogan screams loyalty. It’s nice knowing your dentist is in your corner, fighting for your solutions and needs, even against his/her own team.

     5. “We don’t turn anyone away for inability to pay.”

You may or may not be surprised to know that many people don’t visit the dentist often because it’s costly. Especially to those with low-income or minimal insurance availability. This slogan eases the anxiety of approaching the checkout counter after a treatment. You may not conduct free services, but you can absolutely help guide them in the right direction.

     6. “Kids love us. Parents trust us!”

For patients with children, this slogan is for them. Some of the most important dental services and oral health care is administered to children for preventative measures. Parents need to know their kids are in good hands and that they can trust the quality of service you’re providing for them.

     7. “Dentistry is our profession, but people are our focus.”

This slogan is one that most offices tend to forget. Every office should be obsessed with keeping their patients happy and coming back for more. Dentistry may be what you do, but who you do it for is what really matters.

     8. “Because you should want to go to your dentist.”

Most patients don’t desire to see their dentist. They realize going to the dentist is an obligation. If you want better reviews and bigger trust, show your patients that going to the dentist can be fun and engaging.

     9. “An attractive smile makes a lasting impression!”

Of course, we can’t forget that patients want to look their best. If your office can offer them an ‘attractive’ and ‘lasting’ smile, their confidence in you and themselves will soar.

     10. “Experience the gentle difference.”

Sometimes it’s not about bragging over your skills and reviews all the time. There are some patients who fear going to the dentist, usually because of a previously painful or fearful visit. If you can give them comfort, confidence, and skillful treatments, then you’ll be their ultimate dentist package.

Need Help Creating an Unforgettable Dental Slogan for your Dental Office?

Be the office that sticks out. Have your dentistry become personable and memorable with it’s own, unique dental slogan. Remember. The words you choose for your slogan will appear on all your marketing materials for patients to read, hear, and quote to others when talking about their experience.

As always, if you need help finding the right words to capture your dental office’s unique persona, contact The Dental Engine today to see how words can help your office reach the next level of your marketing growth and success.