The Importance of Defining your Dental Target Audience

It’s most likely that a lot of your potential patients are looking for two main things in their dentistry decision-making process: the location and a list of the services offered. The reality of your marketing is that your dental practice is not the right fit for every patient. Defining your target audience is important because a dentistry tailored to all is a dentistry chosen by none.

Perhaps you’d like to bring in patients who are suffering from gum disease who need cosmetic treatments. Or maybe you’re located in the big city and would like to appeal to business executives who need quick services at different hours. Is your practice in a gated community and would like to treat mothers in need of teeth whitening?

No matter your desired patients, first define your specific patients based on your location and your services, then create a message that will speak directly to that audience.
What are your specialties? Where are you conveniently located? Do your patients have all the information they need to decide from one Google search?

Optimize your Website for Keyword Dental Services

If you want to be noticed first above the dentistry down the street, you must focus on ranking. Use your services list as an opportunity for some high ranking keywords throughout your site. Once you rank for ‘braces’, ‘bridgework’, ‘crowns’, and/or ‘implants’, then patients will begin to see your dental practice as the go-to for that particular service(s).
This allows clarity between your practice and your potential patients. Before clicking through to your website, make sure your GMB (Google My Business) profile is optimized as well. Your patients should have a clear idea regarding your specialty and your location before even visiting your site.
Obviously, you’re a dentist, but you’re also the dentist who specializes in “Cosmetic Treatments” or “Oral Surgery”.
This is a more memorable message than the dentist who treats anyone for anything just by being called a “dentist”.

Optimize your Website for your Location

When looking for any service provider, people typically search by location. When searching for their next dentistry, your patients will follow the same trend. If you were to search for your dentistry by the city you’re located in, would you come up?

Let’s say you’re located in Atlanta, Georgia. If you search Google for dentists in that city, does your practice show as one of the first 5 results? If you rank highly in your city, does your GMB profile provide as much information as your competitors? Do you have your reviews listed? What about your exact contact information?
These steps seem simple, but for the goal of convenience, patients will overlook a dentist that:

  • Doesn’t rank high enough on Google by location searches
  • Doesn’t have a complete website/ GMB profile to showcase services provided 

Does your dental practice understand your target audience?

This guide should help you feel more confident in defining the desired patients for your practice. Remember, a dentistry tailored to all is a dentistry chosen by none. Be sure your website is using keyword services that you specialize in.

Do a test and see if your dentistry is listed as a top result when searching for dentists in your city.
As always, for additional information and help completing these suggestions, please visit the Dental Engine to sign up for specialized training to help grow your dental practice into being the best it can be.