As a dentist and business owner, you want your dental office to be successful and profitable, which involves using various strategies to interact with new patients, spread the word about your clinic, and promote company growth. Using various media channels educates potential patients on why they should come to you, where you are situated, and how they may reach you.

You may be an expert at improving your clients’ smiles, but in order to build your business, you will need a growth strategy that will help you reach your objectives. One of the most essential things that dental office owners overlook is the fact that not everyone is initially interested in utilizing your business.

It seems simple, but how do you do it?

Using a Growth Strategy

To effectively recruit and keep new patients, knowledge in marketing, patient communication, oversight, growth strategy, and other areas is required. In fact, practice growth demands the implementation of effective strategic planning that can be leveraged to take actions that end in the desired results.

New Patients

To attract new patients, ensure that your marketing initiatives adhere to industry best practices. Do you use social media? Do you get leads from your website? Is it possible to communicate easily through the website? Do you keep track of leads and marketing referrals from your website? Do you use SEO and Google Ads? These questions require a “yes” if you want your business to succeed and gain financial stability.

New patients are equally vital to the worth of a dental office as existing patients. The rationale for this is that new patients represent the practice’s future income and growth.

A marketing technique that can attract new patients fast and efficiently is a significant benefit. Potential patients expect more than just a thorough cleaning and examination. They want access to high-quality providers, as well as education and preventative care. The larger the number of customers who are pleased with your patient care, the more appealing your business will be to new patients.

Search Engines/SEO

Implementing a growth strategy for dentistry offices is an efficient technique to increase the number of individuals that visit your website. SEO is simply the technique of incorporating keywords into your website and content in order to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Keywords are terms that users put into Google, Yahoo, or Bing’s search box to discover information on a topic. Certain keywords for your dental office will generate more traffic to your website, allowing you to attract more dental customers. The most effective strategy for your dental office to appear at the top of Google searches is to activate and manage your Google My Business page.

Strategic Planning for Reviews

Besides adopting the best SEO practices on your website, it is critical that you keep all of your social networks up to date. Your hours, URLs, and location should be similar across platforms, such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google. These might influence your rating.

The practice you are attempting to sell must have a positive reputation. Excellent reviews will aid in the successful sale of your dental business by improving the client experience with your services and staff.

Your ratings also have a direct impact on your ranking. If you have no or few reviews, search engine algorithms will prioritize other practices.

Other Key Practices for Strategic Planning:

  • Social Media
    Social media is one of the simplest methods to increase traffic to your company’s website and improve your business overall.
  • Blogs
    Writing a blog might be one of the quickest methods to get organic traffic to your website. Through relevant and helpful information, inbound marketing draws patients.
  • Website
    The first step in developing your online presence is to create a website where clients can access information about your services, price, contact information, company, and so on.
  • Patient Communication
    Having a patient communication system designed only for dental clinics can reach more people, in more ways, and at a lesser cost than generic alternatives.
  • Practice Management
    Automatic remember and registration efforts, allow patients to see their accounts online, and SMS appointment reminders to save time on the phone. Let your practice have additional time each day to provide excellent patient care.
  • Reputation Management
    Your practice’s reputation is critical, and it’s important to monitor this regularly. Creating techniques to consistently receive favorable feedback protects your reputation and shows current company operations.

Ready for a Growth Strategy?

Marketing firms are renowned for being deceitful. Using perplexing verbiage and elaborate systems to trick you into thinking you’re getting your money’s worth. They are more concerned with the transaction than with the connections. But you’re running your business blindly if you don’t have help with a strategic plan.

With The Dental Engine, we go a step further for you. Through The Dental Engine, we increase new patients through a fully optimized website and monthly digital marketing services. This results in an average of 150% increase in monthly new patients within six months.

We implement all the best practices we preach in our dental growth and training platform. All of our clients get access to the Dental Engine platform to show transparency and accountability for their practice.