The Dental Engine for your Practice: Your Turn-key Dental Practice Growth Solution

At the Dental Engine, our goal for you is to educate, save time and hassle, and increase growth and success. Our engine will help your office attract new patients through our fully-optimized websites and monthly digital marketing services. Our results have averaged a 150% increase in monthly new patients within six months. 

Our Dental Engine becomes the key to the success of your dental practice because of our 3 pillars concept. Each pillar of growth educates you and your office through our training modules on the leading marketing practices today. 

Let’s take a look at our 3 pillars to dental practice growth.

3 Components to Increase Value of your Dental Practice

Pillar 1: Increasing Qualified Traffic:
This pillar stems from the Dental Engine Modules 3 through 6. These modules focus on the growth you can increase via traffic to your website using different methods of advertising. You can attract new patients to your website through Advertising with Google Ads, SEO (search engine optimization) best practices, Google My Business profile creation, and social media.

These will increase ‘qualified traffic’, bringing people to your website that are around your primary competing city. Driving qualified traffic won’t attract people who live in California if your dental practice is located in Arizona.

Pillar 2: Conversion Rate Optimization
Pillar 2 focuses on Module 2: optimizing your website. Once you gain qualified traffic to your website, you need to get people to convert into patients. You’ll want them to take the next action into becoming your next regular patient.

For instance, you want them to schedule their first appointment. This can happen through multiple platforms like a phone call, live chat request, an email, and more. Remember, you want your potential patients to navigate easily through your website without questions.
Ensuring your website follows best practices and is optimized to convert visitors into patients is key to this pillar.

Pillar 3: Increase Patient Lifetime Value
The third and final pillar embodies Modules 7 through 10. These modules look at the importance of building out trust and relationships with your new patients. Once you’ve converted your website visitors to patients, you need to be consistent with your approach to get them to return again. In short, you need to increase the value of your dental practice so that you gain lifetime, trusting patients.

In most cases, the value of your office goes up if a patient visits your office multiple times instead of just once. This assurance happens through increasing patient communication (via email and text), reputation management, and practice management.
The more you can get patients to share their good experiences, the better your reputation will become a practice. Once your reputation goes up, your practice will begin to grow.

Has your practice started training with the           3 pillars of the Dental Engine?

Through these 3 pillars within the Dental Engine, we know you’ll gain an understanding of true growth and success. When the pillars work together, as a single-engine, your dental practice will begin to run with confidence and expectancy. Our modules will help guide you and your office through the required skills in marketing and sales to gain, convert, and keep patients. When it comes to predictable results and revenue, the Dental Engine is your tool needed for the job. 

To learn more about our 3 pillars of growth and success, take a look at the Dental Engine and read through our modules. We look forward to being a part of your journey to growing your dental practice.